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Today, healthcare for patients relies on many manual processes across a fragmented system.

Admitting a patient to the hospital today requires many manual phone calls between many people, across many institutions.
The solution to better admissions is multifaceted. It can’t be achieved simply by considering hospital bed availability or patient volume alone.
Objective data and actionable technology versus reliance on staff intuition is necessary.

BdIn is a digital solution that improves the process of patient admissions. This results in better patient care and lower payer costs.



Hire call center employees to make time-consuming calls to multiple hospitals to see if there is availability to admit their clients.


Staff are bombarded with phone calls, in many cases requiring information not readily available. Hospital staff end up using their best judgment versus real-time data to make decisions.


Planning, projections, and evaluation are done by trying to combine disjointed hardcopy and digital information. Lack of pattern recognition and reliable analysis.



Send a unique digital request for transfer of a patient using the BdIn platform with patient-specific data providers can use to make an informed decision.


Receive notification through the BdIn application with relevant patient information. Ability to compare multiple requests and find the patient who best aligns with the hospital’s admission guidelines.


Real-time data with daily reporting available to make decisions that can inform immediate action. Data analysis on a unified platform also allows for reliable retrospective analysis.

Quality Healthcare Affects Us All:

This journey started recognizing that even for those closest to us, effective healthcare was not a guarantee. When our co-founder’s father had to be admitted to a hospital, it took no less than forty hours, numerous administrative procedures, and her family’s fear and uncertainty to realize the need for improving the health system.
Several years, three continents, and thousands of hours in research later, our team has come together to change the experience of healthcare for the better.

Victoria Malek Pascha

MD (Magna Cum Laude) and MPH candidate with experience in academic medicine, basic and clinical research. She is passionate about biotechnology applied to Public Health, a topic she thoroughly explored at Singularity University. Apart from BdIn, she also cooperates with InSTEDD, supporting its vision of a world where communities everywhere co-design and use technology to continuously improve their health, safety and development. She does this by telling the story of impact through strategic social media in Latin America.

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Adrián Gabriel Royffer

BS Political Science (Magna Cum Laude) specialized in Education Management. Experience in the public, private and the third sector as a consultant in policy making in the field of education, health and new technologies.

Dr. Nirvani Umadat

Has worked in both clinical and academic healthcare for the past decade with the Canadian healthcare system. Nirvani completed her dental medicine degree in 2011 from the University of Manitoba. She then went on to complete an oral maxillofacial surgical internship from the University of British Columbia. Since then, Nirvani has owned and operated a private dental clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has also pursued research in 3D bioprinting of human tissue and microbiomic testing. Nirvani is also certified as a citizen-scientist astronaut, and has worked with government-funded agencies in the development of dental and human physiology protocols for space missions. In 2015, Nirvani attended Singularity University where she co-founded BDIN.

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