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How is transferring patients with an app better than the old-fashioned way of calling around?

We like to use the analogy of booking a hotel room. Remember the good old days when you had to open a phone book, look up every hotel in the area you were staying, call each of their front desks, wait on hold, write down the information the were telling you, then compare each and every one of them? Then, by the time you made your decision, you would call back and find out their rate had gone up or they were fully booked. Now, you log on to any online booking company, have many different hotels and rates to easily compare, and can immediately book something with all the best, most relevant information. We take all the time-consuming administrative tedium out of transferring patients so patients aren’t waiting, hospitals can provide the best care, and payers save through operational efficiency.

Our organization already has a software we like, how does BDIN integrate?

It doesn’t! We are a secure cloud-based platform that can operate independently of your existing software. Integrating BdIn in to your business requires no interference or down time of your existing software.

Do you track hospital beds?

The BdIn software uses a variety of variables including patient information, hospital resources and capacity, and payer metrics. Optimizing healthcare is a complicated problem, and the solution lies in considering many aspects of it.

Our organization deals with sensitive information. What if we do not want to share it?

Your organization only shares the information you are comfortable sharing. The BdIn platform works with as little as a basic request to transfer someone. The more information that is input, the more accurate our matching of patients, payers, and providers within our network.

Our organization has very specific metrics we are looking to track. Can you help us?

Definitely! We understand each business is different. If your organization would like to work with us to develop a customized platform with specific metrics beyond those offered in our basic platform, please contact us.